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Thank You!

We sincerely want to thank each sister for joining us on this journey. 

We Shine when You Shine! 

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Before the Circle, I was very anxious and confused about my career.

Shine Circle helped me to let go of my worries. I gained clarity about the steps I want to take in my business life. 

I now have a new perspective on the issues that I felt inadequate about. 


My self-compassion has increased.

and  I'm calmer, more centered. 

I'm working on letting go of wanting to control everything.

Joining the Shine Circle has been a very productive journey for me. Every week for 10 weeks we learnt and practiced new methods . I enjoyed a lot the sisterhood and the safe,  judgement free space where I felt free, loved and supported. 


It was very pleasant to get away from everything for 2 hours each session to practice mindfulness and to focus on mysself development. 

Sinem Sahin


Civil Servant

Autumn Circle 2020

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I am a shy person, I usually do not feel safe to talk about myself in a group setting . Yet Shine Circle made me feel safe and confident.  I was able to speak and often I was the first to speak!

I am grateful to the Shine Circle for giving me this comfort.

Azra Sutlas


English teacher

Summer Circle 2020


Shine Circle is an invaluable opportunity to discover One’s own power and to learn how to live a more fulfilled life.

I found myself telling everyone around me about the things  I learned in the Circle.

and every person who listened to me had the same reaction:  “Wow!” 


Muge Bulut


Education Department Manager

Summer Circle 2020

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Image by Richard Loader
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Shine Circle helped me to start acting like a grown up woman owning my power. I was able to  contact the wise and joyful Serannur within me and to restore my inner balance. 

Before the Shine Cİrcle;

-  I was a confused procrastinator,   I gained clarity and confidence. 

I was overly reactive, worried about others' opinions and I used to get easily offended. Now I realize that I was also acting like a victim. Now I am centered,  I have the courage to be vulnerable, to speak my truth and to receive help.

- I was overweight and I lost weight! I transformed my eating habits and my relationship with food.

During 10 weeks, 10 sessions I had a breakthrough at almost every session

Serannur Sorguc

Izmir, Turkey

Professional Coach- Organizational Development Consultant

Autumn Circle 2020

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The Shine Circle was like a sanctuary for me where I detoxed my toxic beliefs and habits. 


I  improved  my listening skills and my ability to express my true feelings and worries. 

I reconnected with the little girl in me which is like regaining a valuable part of me that I have left behind years ago!

It was very striking for me to notice my masculine and feminine sides, and to realize how my  emotions, thoughts and behaviors effected by them. I am learning to balance my feminine and masculine energies and to be centered consciously. 


Thanks to the Shine Circle, I am now much more flexible, calm and peaceful. Thank you!


Reci Barokas


Psychological Counselor

Autumn Circle 2020

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Shine Circle is much more than sisterhood support . It is very precious to be able to get such a high quality professional coaching in a safe and supportive environment. 


From the very first session, Shine Circle helped me to gain a better understanding about myself and my relationships. 

I gained the courage and wisdom to set myself new healthy boundaries and to activate the adult strong woman hidden in me. After the circle I am a more balanced centered woman able to balance my feminine masculine energies. 

Cihan Erkilic

Istanbul, Milano

Fashion Designer

Summer Circle 2020


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The truthfulness  and the depth of the relationships in the Circle were very precious to me.

This Circle is a safe space where real human stories are shared and you can connect with many wonderful women all around the world from the comfort of your home.


Deniz Mat


Discounter Channel Account Manager

Summer Circle 2020

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It was a "wow" experience  for me!  

I discovered a lot and I am a different person with new awareness about my boundaries.

I am also grateful to all my sisters and the love and care we shared together.  


Tugce Guccan



Summer Circle 2020


Arzu & Deniz's  coaching and real-life examples were very effective for me. 

Shine Circle is ideal for accomplished professional women who are looking for a safe space to do inner work to improve their   , personal development.

I do believe in the power of sisterhood. It was very inspiring and mind opening for me to listen to the life stories of so many women from different parts of the world. 

Ceren Kundur

Houston, USA

Industrial Engineer

Summer Circle 2020

Image by krystina rogers
Image by Mitchel Lensink
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Shine Circle exceeded  my expectations

it was a perfect journey of self awareness and self care in a safe and supportive space. And the meditations and the sisterhood were an extra bonus for me.  


I have participated to so many coaching programs all over the world.  

I must say I am really very impressed by Deniz and Arzu's coaching style and the content they present  

Zeynep Bildaci


Computer Engineer

Summer Circle 2020





You just have to join with an open heart, the rest is handled!!!

It was a perfect Circle again…

I'm in a place far above my expectations once again!!!

Endless love to all my Circle friends and to dear Deniz and Arzu!!!


Zeynep Bildaci

Houston - USA

Computer Engineer

Winter Circle 2020


Before the Autumn Shine Circle I was suffering with high anxiety 

and low self esteem issues  


Now I appreciate myself in many aspects (my job,, my motherhood, my femininity) I show compassion to myself and I do dedicate  time for me and myself without any guilt. İn fact it feels good and my family is also happier. 

Getting in touch with my inner  little girl helped me reconnect with myself and my family . 

I stopped holding on to the pain from the past and learnt to let go.

Sharing within the group was also very nice.


I am creating a new “I” from within.

I am like a tree sprouting in the spring.

I am rediscovering myself, noticing and starting to live and appreciate myself. 

My perspective on life is changing and so is my life. I am so glad that my path crossed with Arzu and Deniz.

I can't thank enough for all the things I have learned, the things I have added to my life, my awareness, my new friends and support groups!

Shine Circle is one of the best gifts I ever gave myself!

Thank you Arzu and Deniz!


Ceren Kundur

Houston, USA

Industrial Engineer

Autumn Circle 2020

Image by Say Cheeze Studios
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I did not expect that I could adapt the practices to my daily life so much.

You are very strong.

I felt very safe.

You are so inclusive and caring.

You explain the contradictions very well.


Selcen Tuncer Ozer

Autumn Circle

Architect & Project Manager



I was already familiar with Arzu's inclusive and authentic approach, life experience, successful career in coaching and personal development.

In the Circles, I met Deniz's masterful and compassionate coaching, and her deep and effective meditations that I easily channeled.

This secure sharing environment is a very important value for me, I really benefited from it.

I must say that I was very impressed by the sincerity and Arzu and Deniz's mastery on their subjects, as they created this environment.

Selcen Tuncer Ozer

Architect & Project Manager


Spring Circle

Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 18_edited.png

Now I am connected with myself and I make my decisions accordingly. I had forgotten my potential, I was in contempt for my work and myself, and now I got rid of it.


I kept repeating the past. Once I connected with the little girl within me during the Autumn Circle, I started to change and take action.


Relief came, I let go, I calmed down, I made peace with myself.


I was able to establish the body-mind connection.

When evaluating 2020  all of my achievements and awareness had AUTUMN CIRCLE. It turns out that 2,5 months is worth a year, even all the years I've spent without realizing it.


Sara Demirel


Corporate Communications Specialist

Autumn Circle 2020

Image by Amir Esrafili
Image by Tuân Nguyễn Minh
Image by Kasia Wanner
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It was very impressive for me that from the very first session, everyone was so open to each other, as if they had known each other for a very long time.

The activities you did, the framework you drew, the assignments you gave were all very awareness-raising.


You have given me a lot in terms of awareness and self reflection and I have learned a lot.


It is very valuable for a woman to realize herself and her strength, and to be able to empower other women.


It is a study where you can get to know yourself better, see your parts that scare you without getting hurt, and support awareness-raising.


Reci Barokas


Psychological Counselor

Summer Circle 2020






The Circle added new colors to my colors.

I found a very nice, warm, deep friendship in the Circle.

I discovered that I can belong somewhere and the joy of that discovery is priceless!!

Do yourself a favor and join the Circle! You will be pleasantly surprised in many different ways! 

That’s how it was for me!


Anet Altinman


Marketing Consultant

Summer Circle 2020

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Autumn Circle was a journey that I embarked on with very brave women I had never met under the guidance of 2 wonderful women.

Now I have methods that I can apply when I have difficulties in daily life.


The Circle also made me realize the importance of prioritizing myself and showing self-compassion, and this awareness has also been good for my family, friends at work and those around me.


I experienced my greatest enlightenment when I suddenly found the answer to a question that I had been uncomfortable with for a long time, during a practice in the Circle.


It was a problem for me to deal with my anger, I started to look at the cause of my anger and so I started to calm down.


I started to re-find myself and my own worth, which I had forgotten since birth, and I started to prioritize myself.


I started to be able to set limits and say “no” to other people.


I started to feel and enjoy the energy of life, now I look to the future with more hope.


My favorite practices are “Who am I?” and “Well done to Me!” 😊.


I am more prudent, calmer, more optimistic now.

Mostly to myself...


Nazli Ozsoy


Guest Relations Manager

Autumn Circle 2020

şafak foto_edited_edited.png

​Being in a Shine Circle is always a wonderful  and fruitful experience for me!


It allows me to focus on me and on my dreams.

I so enjoy that all women in the circle we mirror each other and we all get new perspectives about ourselves and our lives. 


I love the support of the Circle, the group spirit of sisters participating We support each other, listen to each other without any expectations. 


The coaching program offered in the Shine Circle  was very well designed and planned. 

I also appreciate the inclusive, gentle and sincere approach of Arzu and Deniz.


Şafak Tanrıöver


Advertising Professional 

Summer Circle 2020







First awareness kicked in, then resistance to my awareness.

Slowly the transformation began.

Best of all, it happened naturally , gradually, without effort, step by step.



Plastic Surgeon

Summer Circle 2020

Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 21_edited.png

The safe space created was very valuable for me; because  we were  able to be  vulnerable and to connect with each other as if we were very old and close friends 


The energy, the sincerity and the approach of Deniz and Arzu are all very effective in our transformation. 

Also it is so valuable to be practicing  so many tools that can be applied in every day life.





Summer Circle 2020 






Who am I, what is my purpose, what is my reason for being in the world?

I was in a vacuum and I was very confused.


Shine Circle came into my life just in time helping me to discover my life purpose.


Thanks to the circle, I am becoming a very content and happy woman, happy to be ME!! :)

I have never asked myself before the question "what is my dream?" 


Shine Circle gave me a new  direction for my career, helped me take new decisions and supported me to take action! 


Women's Circles really work! Once a sceptic I am now a believer in woman circles and in sisterhood. 

Thank you.


Canan Eyilik



Winter Circle 2020

Image by eniko kis
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