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Reconnecting with mother earth , being in harmony with nature is essential to reconnect with your feminine essence.

Nature is cycling with a perfect rhythm and so are you!

When you consciously realign with the seasons , you can effortlessly flow in to your being to unleash the magical,  powerful woman you are!

Which Shine Circle
is best for you
to start with?  


Heal Your Inner Child


Shine Circle in Fall 

Fall is the time to rest, contemplate and let go.

It's also time for compassion and forgiveness At Fall Shine Circle we meet our inner girl, we learn to be compassionate to ourselves and to parent our broken inner child. 

Fall Circle is the time to gain back our inner freedom and to increase our confidence level. 


Shine Circle in Winter

Winter is the time to dream about the future and to discover our hearts' true desire.

At Winter Shine Circle we experiment with effortless co-creation, we practice feeling good and reconnecting with our intuitive power as guidance. We also practice letting go our limiting beliefs. 

Winter Circle is the time for us to claim the life we desire, explore being in the flow and to let go all our resistances. 


Manifest Your Dreams


Speak Your Truth and
Have Fun!


Shine Circle in Spring 

Spring is the time to blossom, to celebrate and to play! 

At Spring Shine Circle we practice authenticity and experiment speaking our truth louder. We also practice realigning with the wisdom of our womb and with the lunar cycles and manage our energy and time accordingly. 

Spring Circle is the time for us  to prioritize our pleasure and playfulness and to be heard and seen in the most authentic way possible. 


Shine Circle in Summer 

Summer is hot and edgy. It's time to retreat for discernment and for reflecting about our choices. 

At Summer Shine Circle we practice setting healthy boundaries, saying NO, creating our safe sacred space and .being assertive. 

Summer Circle is the time own our power,  to reevaluate our choices, to say NO with elegance and strength.


Claim Your Sacred Space 

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