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Hello Sisters!

We believe that the world needs more feminine energy and more women who own their authentic feminine power. 


We also believe that as woman we can own our authentic power only if we own and enjoy our feminine qualities. 


​A woman reconnected to her feminine essence naturally shines and let others shine! 


We founded Shine Circle with this vision in our hearts and mind.

Our mission is to facilitate circles to free women to shine!  

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At the end of each session  I felt very lucky and very centered!

12 beautiful women Circled around my life!


In the circle we shared an incredible sense of privacy and trust.


Until Shine Circle, I had forgotten my potential, I was underestimating my work and myself. I was in a repetitive mode, captive of my past. 

I got rid of all my toxic attitudes and I am a new born woman owning my power. 

Corporate Communications Manager 

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Thanks to the Shine Circle I now have new tools  I can use whenever I have challenges in my daily life.

Shine Circle made me realize the importance of prioritizing myself and of self compassion. This awareness is very beneficial for me and for my relationship with my family. 


NowI am a much calmer, more prudent, more optimistic woman.


And I am so much kinder to myself!

Customer Relations Manager 


I am creating a new ME from within.


I am rediscovering myself, and sooo appreciating my new version!


My perspective is changing and so is my life.


I am so grateful for my new awareness, for all I have learnt, for all I have added to my life, for my new friends, and  for my support group!

Industrıal Engineer 

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